Employment History

Lead Software Engineer at ChemSquare

2018 M06 2018 M08 in Frankfurt, Germany

Lead developer in a start-up developing a B2B marketplace for the sourcing of chemical ingredients.

AWS AppSync, AWS Lambda, GraphQL, Gatsby, React, Algolia

Senior Software Consultant at PENTASYS

2017 M10 2018 M05 in Frankfurt, Germany

Senior Front-End Developer for the booking and fulfillment platform of the biggest travel technology provider in Europe with more than 200k active users. Development of the internal central Angular framework for more than 100 developers.

Angular, TypeScript, Bootstrap

Senior Software Engineer at bd4travel

2014 M11 2017 M10 in Frankfurt, Germany

Intelligent personalization for travel. Award winning start-up providing travel websites around the world with user behavior analytics, personalized recommenders, sorting algorithms and prediction tools.

Member of an agile development team with shared responsibilities for all aspects of product development: feature engineering, architecture, databases, backend and frontend development, machine learning, QA, devops, scaling and maintenance.

Java, JavaScript, node.js, ElasticSearch, Hadoop, HBase, Spark, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, AngularJS, Swagger, Docker

Head of Development at yocondo

2013 M11 2014 M11 in Düsseldorf and Gründau

Founding member of a start-up that created a personalized shopping assistant.

Architect, software engineer, leader of a team of two developers and interns, Scrum master.

node.js, CoffeeScript, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, WebSockets, MongoDB, AngularJS, Java, Spring Batch, Spring Integration, Tomcat.

Deployment to the Cloud with Vagrant, Puppet, AppFog, Heroku, AWS and Azure.

Senior Consultant at OPITZ Consulting Deutschland

2011 M06 2014 M06 in Berlin and Bad Homburg, Germany

Consultant and software engineer for the central operations software of TNT Innight GmbH based on Eclipse RCP with a Spring backend.

Development of the operational software for Kombiverkehr (logistics).

Member of the Competence Center Agile Development: replicator for agile principles, organization of agile retreats und coding dojos.

Spring, JPA, Hibernate, MyBatis, Oracle Database, Eclipse RCP, OSGi, Activiti, BPMN, Maven, Git

Senior Software Engineer at Schütze Consulting

2009 M07 2011 M05 in Berlin, Germany

Design, architecture and development of a administrative software for the Berlin administration based on JavaEE. Approx. 800 active users, scope approx. 8000 person days.

Consulting for the IT service center of Berlin.

JPA, TopLink, Hibernate, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL, Oracle AS, JBoss, Spring, Spring Integration, Spring Batch, Spring WebFlow, Spring Security, Eclipse, Maven, Ant, CVS, SVN

Senior Software Engineer at ]init[

2007 M10 2009 M06 in Berlin, Germany

Concept and development of a SOA platform for G2C and G2G communications in Abu Dhabi. Single sign-on and identity management. Technologies:

Requirement analysis and technical project management for a social network and a classifieds portal for the German state department.

Technical consulting for the development of XMeld, the standardized XML format for the communication between German registry offices.

BEA WebLogic, BEA AquaLogic, BEA Portal, Spring, Beehive, EJB3, pring MVC, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, JBoss.

Software Engineer at Schütze Consulting

2003 M12 2007 M10 in Berlin, Germany

Development of JavaEE-based web applications for the Berlin administration.

Responsible for build and release management, continuous integration and QA.

Struts, AJAX, Oracle Application Server, JBoss, Spring, EJB2, Oracle DB, Toplink, PostgreSQL, Hibernate, Jasper Reports.